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Bring your stories to life with ScriptVOX Studio. Assign actors to any text, customize each actor
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3 August 2008

Editor's review

ScriptVOX Studio 1.8.2 is an excellent and easy to use text-to-speech application. It supports importing a screenplay, documentary, movie script, or a children’s story and turn it into speech. It also allows you to add desired images and voices to the text, and save your presentation to share it with your friends and family. The software has an in-built text editor that helps in editing the text, or making any desired changes in it. It has the ability to manage the voices in such a manner that each voice would speak the assigned lines automatically. The Voice-Over Features allows you to add any voice to it. Further, it also lets you to customize and control the pitch, effects and timbre.

ScriptVOX Studio 1.8.2 requires you to perform few basic steps to get the text converted into speech. To load the new script into the program you’re provided with a Wizard. You need to browse and select the text or MS document file and the program would start analyzing it. Then you need to select the formatting feature and set the program to auto-detect format or do it manually. The file is processed and then program shows you the options to select the actor’s gender, and also reassign duplicate actors, if required. It’s easy to edit the script with the ‘Toggle Edit’ feature and make the desired changes. The application provides you with options to select the Narrator, Voice and FX. The users can select the narrators from the drop down menu, and further set the level of Pitch, Timbre, Volume and Speed for the speech. Add images to the narrator, and play the selected file. It would indicate all the lines that are being pronounced by highlighting them. You’re also provided with features like Pronunciation Manager, Project Information, Project Settings, etc.

The ScriptVOX Studio 1.8.2 offers a wide array of features, which include- importing PDF, Text, RTF and Word Documents, writing storyboard tool, digital effects, actor assignment, multimedia playback, high-definition video output, etc. Rated with 4 points, the application is extremely easy to use, and is found to be effective in creating fantastic projects, recording messages, etc.

Publisher's description

ScriptVOX Studio is easy to use text-to-speech software for writers that can open up a new window on your creativity. Writers can import a screenplay, movie script, documentary or even a children’s story. ScriptVOX will allow you to quickly add voices and images to your text. You can even save your multimedia presentation and share it with others.
Hear your story: Rapidly assign a unique voice to all your characters. With the advanced built-in text editor, you can assign parts to various actors and choose how your characters sound. As your script is played back, each actor will automatically speak in the voice you have chosen.
Unlimited number of voices: Writers can create a custom setting for each actor from a single text-to-speech voice using the powerful TTS-Morphing engine. The software includes a number of basic voice-mods free, or you can tweak the existing ones to create a unique sound for your actors!
Add your own voice: With the Voice-Over Feature, you can add live vocal recordings or existing voice audio files to your story.
See your story: Writers can add pictures to words or whole blocks of text and create a storyboard for the script. In short time, you can see a story, screenplay or movie script visually come to life.
Review your story by saving it as an audio file or as a full multimedia video file. Create an presentation or demo of your project.
- Customize text-to-speech: control pitch, timbre, and effects.
- Built-in mods allow many variations from a single TTS Voice
- Compatibility with Microsoft, Cepstral Text-To-Speech Engines
- Digital Effects: add radio, echo, reverb effects and more
- Writers Storyboard Tool: align any picture to a line of text
- Easy Actor Assignment: just select the line and pick your actor
- Multimedia Playback and Writer Navigation Tools
- Import Text, RTF, PDF and Word Documents
- High-Definition Video Output
- Subtitles
ScriptVOX Studio
ScriptVOX Studio
Version 1.8.2
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